oktober 2014

Bee Sting Boots for grown-ups!

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Woot! There it is, my first-ever ‘real’ pattern up for sale on Ravelry: Bee Sting boots in all adult sizes, for manly men and womanly women!

Pattern for a pair of two-tone boots with double soles and a flap with faux button attachment. It contains detailed instructions for all adult sizes, based on universal foot length charts. Great news – that means you can make these boots as a surprise gift (Christmas, birthday, you name it) for anyone, as long as you know their size! Yay presents:).

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Hello! I’m a clothing designer now!

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…and I’m superexcited about it! Stay posted, friends – first pattern comes out this weekend. Pictured: bottom half of my soon-to-come pencil dress!  

Is an urban garden in autumn worth the trouble? 10-12-2014: SHINY HAPPY BEANS LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU!

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Want to start at the beginning? State of the Garden, 09-07-2014

State of the Garden, 09-14-2014
State of the Garden, 09-21-2014
State of the Garden, 09-28-2014
Garden hiatus, 10-05-2014

State of the Garden, 12-10-2014

Hey, remember that time when I posted a picture of Alicia Silverstone to emphasize my cluelessness about my garden, and outed myself as a total nineties baby in the process? And a week later, when I took that garden hiatus?
Well, hahahahahahaha! All that confusion is behind us now, and I can honestly say I couldn’t be better, and if you hear a high-pitched noise in the distance that most definitely isn’t me.

Welcome to a world so dark that even the light casts a shadow, and positivity is an exotic fruit grown continents away.
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How to turn old t-shirts into yarn

…but first, let’s answer the burning question on everybody’s minds: why the hell would you?

Cutting up old t-shirts and turning them into yarn is definitely a labor of love. It takes quite a bit of time and effort, and the end result is never going to come out as slick and professional as mechanically produced yarn.

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